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August 30, 2012
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I... follow a lot of US-based political blogs. And have friends out there, and ... find what is currently going absolutely f*cking terrifying and enraging on a visceral bloodboiling level.  But, you know. That's just me, out in some secular socialist Old World country, quaffing down my cheap birth control pills and, outrageously, not crippled by hospital bills after my freelance boyfriend's domestic accident of two years ago because of all that damned taxpayer money going into a national health insurance.
But that, of course, is anecdata and nothing to go forming political opinions on. (Also I have a uterus, and what with all those craaaayzee lady hormones swishing around my weak little brainpan, I'll've completely changed my mind in a week don't mind me!)

Just like to point out, though.
I seem to have a... lot of followers. That's super cool and all. I'm guessing most of you are here for the GND. That's really great and I am so chuffed you are enjoying
my attempts to tell a story,
about, you know, if you boil things down to bare bones I guess -
(and forget about [thebaby] the glitter and the giggles)
mainly about two young women attempting to keep control of their own lives
have a personality beyond that of "love interest",
pursue their own career plans and/or love stories at a pace they are comfortable with,
and not allow themselves to be emotionally or psychologically or magically or physically abused
and to see their own agency respected
by the domineering creeps and villains of their stories.

and if you are rooting for them at all in all this and enjoy and approve of the silly fictional story being told -
don't f*cking vote for the two grinning entitled richboy sexists who have no respect for real-life women's agency nor dignity.

I'm NOT going to argue this for paragraphs upon paragraphs or pull up the data. [Wait yes I am because I can't help but react to wilfull ignorance.] I'm assuming most of you aren't frothing fundies, and that even if you do have certain strong convictions, a webcomic fanartist isn't who you're going to be listening to to change your mind any by instrumentalizing a cast of fictional characters (I didn't even build them!). And I'm sure you could make some strong economic and philosophical arguments against voting Dem, I honestly do believe you. And certainly I've been influenced by Social Justice blogs, the bane of all fun natter on the internets!

But by any measure the Romney-Ryan platform is the most rabidly socially conservative in decades if not centuries, and the part that enrages me most is how much of it is focused at getting women back to barefoot and pregnant and dependant on some dick-owner to provide for her. No sex ed, no affordable or easy-access contraception, no abortions, no maternity leave, no welfare, no equal pay in the workplace... That all adds up to "stay home and make babies" ("and sandwiches LOL" because HEY that joke never gets old or is ever viciously loaded with patriarchal bullshit!). Just wait til "no recognition of marital rape" and "no vote" sneaks in there, and go read 'The Handmaid's Tale'.

Now, whatever shitstorm this may or may not stir up in comments (and how dare I think to preach across the pond, I don't know what is REALLY Going on in the US of A, I mean, that hard-hitting totally factual documentary about Obama 2016 isn't even getting released in my country what do I know without Fox News to instruct me??)  - and no matter how violently I wish I could talk to anyone who doesn't get this  - and fully admitting that I'm not addressing the current GOP's other blatant -isms and discriminations...

... all I can do over here, and shall do with all my electronic might (look at me go, guys - I am so angry I made a Jounal!!), is to attempt to convey to any of my regular readers who agree with the current Republican ticket how very disappointed I am in 'em, and to heartily invite them to feel unwelcome on my page and comic.
I get that fandom unites strange bedfellows, and that everyone can all just get along if we don't talk about touchy RL topics like politics and religion and I am really being a boring old square and suddenly preaching at my unsuspecting audience and attempting to use some sympathy capital or something is seriously uncool, dude... but here's the thing:

You agree with people who don't believe I am a fully autonomous rational human being worthy of respect and equal rights.

That's what it boils down to for me (and for so many other people NOT [richwhiteableheterocisneuronormal]- I realise and acknowledge their own struggles, at an intellectual and emotional level, but the visceral teeth-gritting anger comes from where it disses ME, personally) (Hey, valuing the individual over the collective, where have I been hearing that one lately??)  You cannot politically argue me out of being furious about that.

tl,dr: Female Deviantart fancomic artist majorly against Romney-Ryan2012!

I may, or may not, shut up forever with the RL Serious Issues now I've said my piece, and resume merely entertaining you with fanservice giggles.

... But if I haven't with this one chiding Journal post single-handedly changed the course of this American presidential election and the whole political atmosphere, I shall be very disappointed. *eyes you sternly*


"The Devil can cite scripture for his purpose."
The Merchant of Venice, I.3 - William Shakespeare


EDIT Whee!! So much for not arguing the toss any further. It is 5am my end and my inbox has been blowing up for the last 3 hours. I'll see you in the morning! Please clean up the blood when you're done!
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EugeneEyeo Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013
Hmmm, I've found an old one, but one upon which my comments are deserved.

Now, I didn't like Romney. He was kind of slimy. But there are a few issues here that got all lumped together. It's part of the politics, atleast over here. You take one issue, or a few issues, and wrap your opponent up in them instead of actually having a stance of your own.

Now, I'll freely admit that my first instinct was to tell you to mind your own damn business, this not being your nation, your leaders or your election. But the whole "this is my ball and you have no say in it" doesn't really pan out on the world stage, and you've brought some important points up that impact the entire sphere of creation, not just our humble little chunk. So. Here are the points you brought up as being important. I will try to address them, one reasonable, rational human being to another reasonable, rational human being (jokes about genders being set aside).

No sex ed, no affordable or easy-access contraception, no abortions, no maternity leave, no welfare, no equal pay in the workplace

The first one is a bit of a cheater ticket. Noone is saying no sex ed, they're saying abstinance should be a part of sex education. There is more to sex ed than "this is how you keep babies from happening", after all. I believe that children (yes, children) are having sex far too young with an improper understanding of how birth control works and how it doesn't work. Reminding these children (yes, children) that sex changes people in a very real way is important, as is waiting to have sex until you, not your social circle, are ready.

Contraception is easy to buy and cheap. It's publicly on the market for an eight-dollar a month fee for the pill. What these men are saying is that tax payers shouldn't have to pay for someone to go out and have sex. Nobody was screaming for men's birth control to be paid for, and it shouldn't be. The common view from the right is some variation of "Dude, go buy your own rubbers". And if you can't afford birth control, you probably aren't in a financial situation to properly support children. Which brings us to the next point:

In our Declaration of Independence, there is a line outlining the basic rights of man. These aren't rights granted by government. These are rights that men as a specie are endowed with by simple virtue of reason. These are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. As the latter two can not be enjoyed without the former, we can consider the right of Life to be the greatest of these Natural Rights. Now, I've been told time and time again that a person is not a person until XYZ happens. Unfortunately, there is no scientific reasoning behind any of these gateways. Birth is simply a matter of location. Development doesn't stop till well in the 30s. Pain can be felt on some level in as short a span as two months after conception, and as medical knowledge increases, that number keeps going down. So abortion is in no way shape or form an American Right, and as Life is a Natural Right, we do not believe it to be the right of any nation or people.

Maternity leave, paid or unpaid, was absent from both of the big party lines. But isn't it great how one can point his finger and say "My opponent doesn't care about this issue" while ignoring the fact that he hasn't addressed it?

The problem in the US with welfare is that the whole system is corrupt and in need of reform. You have people using their food money to buy beer and garbage food while their kids eat twinkies. People are on disability pay for injuries that in no real way keep them from working. I'm a war vet with a blown-out knee, brain damage and nerve damage on my left arm from the elbow down. I'm twice the limit for legal blindness, and I'm half-way deaf. And yet I'm still fully employed and as of yet not drawing a cent in disability. And I'm happy to que up and let those who truely can't work go on ahead of me. I'll have been out of the Army for a year come March, and my first examination is in February. To come back round to the point, one party is saying "We need to stop paying into a system which doesn't work and overhaul it" while the other one wants to pour more money into a system that doesn't really help those who need it.

And the equal pay thing is a political gambit with absolutely no substance. Equal pay in the workplace has been federal law for DECADES. What a crock.

Now I grew up tap-dancing on the poverty line, with my parents making just enough that we didn't qualify for any kind of aid. And I watched prices and taxes go up while pay stayed the same. I see people with cell phones, cars and their rent taken care of wearing new two-hundred dollar shoes while my family goes hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt EACH just for an education. We see the government growing, and we watch the bread and circuses being thrown. And it scares us. We know what happens when great empires vote in whoever promises them the easy life in exchange for the government taking care of hard things like choices. And you know, once all of these liberties are gone in exchange for handouts, there isn't anything left but the very rich and everybody else. And neither side is any better than the other, they're both trying to snatch rights and liberties. The only difference is the priority.

In America, we have more than two political parties. It's a fact that everyone seems to forget. But there on the sidelines is someone who cares about the exact same issues as each citizen with just a little slop side to side. But no media will cover the third party, and no station will give them air time. And no big money will contribute to their campaigns. So nothing ever changes. I've voted for third party every election since I was 18 years old, and I'll keep doing so. I went to war to fight wicked men who kept their people in bondage. We fought against female circumcision, built girls' schools and I personally was part of the guard detachment which guarded the voting booths where women voted in Iraq for the first time. I served my time there to fight wicked men to give that nation the chance that I had growing up, and to ensure that my home would never be taken by those wicked men. Now I just have to fight the tyrants and monsters here at home.

Liberté toute entière.
Melissa1987 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
That's just a tip of an iceberg of problems. Living on the Reservation, we all know that this country is screwed; I hate feeling like I have to vote for the lesser of two evils. I won't waste my vote. Everyone I know is pretty much stalking up, holding their own and/or waiting for the zombie apocalypse.
EugeneEyeo Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013
Next time, vote third party. There are other choices, and the only reason we have a two-party system is because EVERYONE says "Well, it's not like the guy I actually like will win". Drives me nutters.
Pika-la-Cynique Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2012  Professional General Artist
Looking in from the outside, US politics just seems so clear-cut to me. Yes, both parties are in the pockets of Big Money and make corrupt deals and do shady shit and offer no real change. But this year's Republican candidates are just scary grinning sexist elitist homophobic backwards corporate sell-outs that terrify and infuriate me no end, and I would not feel any vote cast that denies them is a waste.
Chepseh Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2012
One thousand comments.

Has a GND page ever gotten so much feedback...? Maybe if Sarah and Christine would start talking about Obama vs Romney, too.

(To quote Linus van Pelt:"There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin.")
(I might add "parenting")
Pika-la-Cynique Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2012  Professional General Artist
Yeahh.... there's The One With The Kiss. ;)
Ha. I should do an abortion story arc and watch the shit hit the fan. Maybe murder litte bean Gustave.

Seriously though, this campaign is the most distressing and infuriating thing.
Chepseh Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2012
"Yeahh.... there's The One With The Kiss. ;)"

Gee, over 1000 comments now!? I should have browsed your gallery a little deeper before I wrote.

"Ha. I should do an abortion story arc and watch the shit hit the fan. Maybe murder litte bean Gustave."

Muckheap hitting the fan. Oh, my mental images right now. :omg:
Buuut such an arc would request your Christine and Erik procreating Gustave first, and all of us faithful readers know how very likely that is. ;P

"Seriously though, this campaign is the most distressing and infuriating thing."

Serious answer - I feel kinda sure I can't add anything here that wasn't already said somehow somewhere on the last pages; and I haven't got the perfect comment that would stop the bloodshed and make everyone go "Oh my! This makes everyone happy! All the talking for nothing, hail Chepseh!" .
Not being a fangirl but still prefering Obama over Romney I consider myself at least qualified enough to continue reading your comic ;) .
The only thing that maybe hasn't been brought up yet ... why does Romney-Ryan enrage you so especially much when we had imho a pretty similar situation p.e. already four years ago with McCain-Palin? Where those two in your eyes milder?
Pika-la-Cynique Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2012  Professional General Artist
Oh, I was just as defininitely Dem and profoundly irritated by Mrs Palin back in '08 too. But this year.... Obama has been SO socially progressive (the health care act, and this is the first time the Dems openly campaign for gay marriage rights after all) and BLACKBLACKKENYANSOCIALISTMUSLIMHUSSEINNIGGER that the backlash is all the more visceral and hateful on the right, the GOP has been taken over by its Tea Party crazy wing, and truly Romney is personally such a detestable rich sociopath with no loyalty but greed and crazy Mormon heteronormative "values" - McCain at least knew the cost of wars firsthand and had damn well served the country he was making a bid to rule. McCain I could believe was pandering to the far-right base while campaigning, but actually had a fairly decent voting record including bi-partisan efforts and some sense of conviction to his politics. All I get from Romney-Ryan is entitlement and callousness and utter indifference to the plight of anyone not in their rich asshole gentlemen's club.
Chika1345 Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2012
I agree with much of what you said. What tickles me to death is the "we don't like fact checkers" bit at the end of Romney's ads. Given the numbers he likes to throw in and out, obviously suggest, yes, he doesn't like fact checkers... given the facts he hands out a lot of the time are not accurate. I'm not entirely happy with either of the two main choices and the third choice is barely even heard above the noise of mudslinging. In this case, I'm going to be voting for the lesser of the evils.

I might write in Sarah. Her politics class seem to be doing lovely.

Nah, Tony Stark for president. He's got charisma, cares about the little man, and works for peace. XD

Humorous comments to deal with the sad fact that... I dislike my current choices.
FuzzySlipper Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Aaand now I've read and skimmed some through seven pages of comments, and I do not look forward to the election at all. Both choices stink. >_<
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