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I... follow a lot of US-based political blogs. And have friends out there, and ... find what is currently going absolutely f*cking terrifying and enraging on a visceral bloodboiling level.  But, you know. That's just me, out in some secular socialist Old World country, quaffing down my cheap birth control pills and, outrageously, not crippled by hospital bills after my freelance boyfriend's domestic accident of two years ago because of all that damned taxpayer money going into a national health insurance.
But that, of course, is anecdata and nothing to go forming political opinions on. (Also I have a uterus, and what with all those craaaayzee lady hormones swishing around my weak little brainpan, I'll've completely changed my mind in a week don't mind me!)

Just like to point out, though.
I seem to have a... lot of followers. That's super cool and all. I'm guessing most of you are here for the GND. That's really great and I am so chuffed you are enjoying
my attempts to tell a story,
about, you know, if you boil things down to bare bones I guess -
(and forget about [thebaby] the glitter and the giggles)
mainly about two young women attempting to keep control of their own lives
have a personality beyond that of "love interest",
pursue their own career plans and/or love stories at a pace they are comfortable with,
and not allow themselves to be emotionally or psychologically or magically or physically abused
and to see their own agency respected
by the domineering creeps and villains of their stories.

and if you are rooting for them at all in all this and enjoy and approve of the silly fictional story being told -
don't f*cking vote for the two grinning entitled richboy sexists who have no respect for real-life women's agency nor dignity.

I'm NOT going to argue this for paragraphs upon paragraphs or pull up the data. [Wait yes I am because I can't help but react to wilfull ignorance.] I'm assuming most of you aren't frothing fundies, and that even if you do have certain strong convictions, a webcomic fanartist isn't who you're going to be listening to to change your mind any by instrumentalizing a cast of fictional characters (I didn't even build them!). And I'm sure you could make some strong economic and philosophical arguments against voting Dem, I honestly do believe you. And certainly I've been influenced by Social Justice blogs, the bane of all fun natter on the internets!

But by any measure the Romney-Ryan platform is the most rabidly socially conservative in decades if not centuries, and the part that enrages me most is how much of it is focused at getting women back to barefoot and pregnant and dependant on some dick-owner to provide for her. No sex ed, no affordable or easy-access contraception, no abortions, no maternity leave, no welfare, no equal pay in the workplace... That all adds up to "stay home and make babies" ("and sandwiches LOL" because HEY that joke never gets old or is ever viciously loaded with patriarchal bullshit!). Just wait til "no recognition of marital rape" and "no vote" sneaks in there, and go read 'The Handmaid's Tale'.

Now, whatever shitstorm this may or may not stir up in comments (and how dare I think to preach across the pond, I don't know what is REALLY Going on in the US of A, I mean, that hard-hitting totally factual documentary about Obama 2016 isn't even getting released in my country what do I know without Fox News to instruct me??)  - and no matter how violently I wish I could talk to anyone who doesn't get this  - and fully admitting that I'm not addressing the current GOP's other blatant -isms and discriminations...

... all I can do over here, and shall do with all my electronic might (look at me go, guys - I am so angry I made a Jounal!!), is to attempt to convey to any of my regular readers who agree with the current Republican ticket how very disappointed I am in 'em, and to heartily invite them to feel unwelcome on my page and comic.
I get that fandom unites strange bedfellows, and that everyone can all just get along if we don't talk about touchy RL topics like politics and religion and I am really being a boring old square and suddenly preaching at my unsuspecting audience and attempting to use some sympathy capital or something is seriously uncool, dude... but here's the thing:

You agree with people who don't believe I am a fully autonomous rational human being worthy of respect and equal rights.

That's what it boils down to for me (and for so many other people NOT [richwhiteableheterocisneuronormal]- I realise and acknowledge their own struggles, at an intellectual and emotional level, but the visceral teeth-gritting anger comes from where it disses ME, personally) (Hey, valuing the individual over the collective, where have I been hearing that one lately??)  You cannot politically argue me out of being furious about that.

tl,dr: Female Deviantart fancomic artist majorly against Romney-Ryan2012!

I may, or may not, shut up forever with the RL Serious Issues now I've said my piece, and resume merely entertaining you with fanservice giggles.

... But if I haven't with this one chiding Journal post single-handedly changed the course of this American presidential election and the whole political atmosphere, I shall be very disappointed. *eyes you sternly*


"The Devil can cite scripture for his purpose."
The Merchant of Venice, I.3 - William Shakespeare


EDIT Whee!! So much for not arguing the toss any further. It is 5am my end and my inbox has been blowing up for the last 3 hours. I'll see you in the morning! Please clean up the blood when you're done!
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EugeneEyeo Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013
Hmmm, I've found an old one, but one upon which my comments are deserved.

Now, I didn't like Romney. He was kind of slimy. But there are a few issues here that got all lumped together. It's part of the politics, atleast over here. You take one issue, or a few issues, and wrap your opponent up in them instead of actually having a stance of your own.

Now, I'll freely admit that my first instinct was to tell you to mind your own damn business, this not being your nation, your leaders or your election. But the whole "this is my ball and you have no say in it" doesn't really pan out on the world stage, and you've brought some important points up that impact the entire sphere of creation, not just our humble little chunk. So. Here are the points you brought up as being important. I will try to address them, one reasonable, rational human being to another reasonable, rational human being (jokes about genders being set aside).

No sex ed, no affordable or easy-access contraception, no abortions, no maternity leave, no welfare, no equal pay in the workplace

The first one is a bit of a cheater ticket. Noone is saying no sex ed, they're saying abstinance should be a part of sex education. There is more to sex ed than "this is how you keep babies from happening", after all. I believe that children (yes, children) are having sex far too young with an improper understanding of how birth control works and how it doesn't work. Reminding these children (yes, children) that sex changes people in a very real way is important, as is waiting to have sex until you, not your social circle, are ready.

Contraception is easy to buy and cheap. It's publicly on the market for an eight-dollar a month fee for the pill. What these men are saying is that tax payers shouldn't have to pay for someone to go out and have sex. Nobody was screaming for men's birth control to be paid for, and it shouldn't be. The common view from the right is some variation of "Dude, go buy your own rubbers". And if you can't afford birth control, you probably aren't in a financial situation to properly support children. Which brings us to the next point:

In our Declaration of Independence, there is a line outlining the basic rights of man. These aren't rights granted by government. These are rights that men as a specie are endowed with by simple virtue of reason. These are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. As the latter two can not be enjoyed without the former, we can consider the right of Life to be the greatest of these Natural Rights. Now, I've been told time and time again that a person is not a person until XYZ happens. Unfortunately, there is no scientific reasoning behind any of these gateways. Birth is simply a matter of location. Development doesn't stop till well in the 30s. Pain can be felt on some level in as short a span as two months after conception, and as medical knowledge increases, that number keeps going down. So abortion is in no way shape or form an American Right, and as Life is a Natural Right, we do not believe it to be the right of any nation or people.

Maternity leave, paid or unpaid, was absent from both of the big party lines. But isn't it great how one can point his finger and say "My opponent doesn't care about this issue" while ignoring the fact that he hasn't addressed it?

The problem in the US with welfare is that the whole system is corrupt and in need of reform. You have people using their food money to buy beer and garbage food while their kids eat twinkies. People are on disability pay for injuries that in no real way keep them from working. I'm a war vet with a blown-out knee, brain damage and nerve damage on my left arm from the elbow down. I'm twice the limit for legal blindness, and I'm half-way deaf. And yet I'm still fully employed and as of yet not drawing a cent in disability. And I'm happy to que up and let those who truely can't work go on ahead of me. I'll have been out of the Army for a year come March, and my first examination is in February. To come back round to the point, one party is saying "We need to stop paying into a system which doesn't work and overhaul it" while the other one wants to pour more money into a system that doesn't really help those who need it.

And the equal pay thing is a political gambit with absolutely no substance. Equal pay in the workplace has been federal law for DECADES. What a crock.

Now I grew up tap-dancing on the poverty line, with my parents making just enough that we didn't qualify for any kind of aid. And I watched prices and taxes go up while pay stayed the same. I see people with cell phones, cars and their rent taken care of wearing new two-hundred dollar shoes while my family goes hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt EACH just for an education. We see the government growing, and we watch the bread and circuses being thrown. And it scares us. We know what happens when great empires vote in whoever promises them the easy life in exchange for the government taking care of hard things like choices. And you know, once all of these liberties are gone in exchange for handouts, there isn't anything left but the very rich and everybody else. And neither side is any better than the other, they're both trying to snatch rights and liberties. The only difference is the priority.

In America, we have more than two political parties. It's a fact that everyone seems to forget. But there on the sidelines is someone who cares about the exact same issues as each citizen with just a little slop side to side. But no media will cover the third party, and no station will give them air time. And no big money will contribute to their campaigns. So nothing ever changes. I've voted for third party every election since I was 18 years old, and I'll keep doing so. I went to war to fight wicked men who kept their people in bondage. We fought against female circumcision, built girls' schools and I personally was part of the guard detachment which guarded the voting booths where women voted in Iraq for the first time. I served my time there to fight wicked men to give that nation the chance that I had growing up, and to ensure that my home would never be taken by those wicked men. Now I just have to fight the tyrants and monsters here at home.

Liberté toute entière.
Melissa1987 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
That's just a tip of an iceberg of problems. Living on the Reservation, we all know that this country is screwed; I hate feeling like I have to vote for the lesser of two evils. I won't waste my vote. Everyone I know is pretty much stalking up, holding their own and/or waiting for the zombie apocalypse.
EugeneEyeo Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013
Next time, vote third party. There are other choices, and the only reason we have a two-party system is because EVERYONE says "Well, it's not like the guy I actually like will win". Drives me nutters.
Pika-la-Cynique Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2012  Professional General Artist
Looking in from the outside, US politics just seems so clear-cut to me. Yes, both parties are in the pockets of Big Money and make corrupt deals and do shady shit and offer no real change. But this year's Republican candidates are just scary grinning sexist elitist homophobic backwards corporate sell-outs that terrify and infuriate me no end, and I would not feel any vote cast that denies them is a waste.
Chepseh Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2012
One thousand comments.

Has a GND page ever gotten so much feedback...? Maybe if Sarah and Christine would start talking about Obama vs Romney, too.

(To quote Linus van Pelt:"There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin.")
(I might add "parenting")
Pika-la-Cynique Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2012  Professional General Artist
Yeahh.... there's The One With The Kiss. ;)
Ha. I should do an abortion story arc and watch the shit hit the fan. Maybe murder litte bean Gustave.

Seriously though, this campaign is the most distressing and infuriating thing.
Chepseh Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2012
"Yeahh.... there's The One With The Kiss. ;)"

Gee, over 1000 comments now!? I should have browsed your gallery a little deeper before I wrote.

"Ha. I should do an abortion story arc and watch the shit hit the fan. Maybe murder litte bean Gustave."

Muckheap hitting the fan. Oh, my mental images right now. :omg:
Buuut such an arc would request your Christine and Erik procreating Gustave first, and all of us faithful readers know how very likely that is. ;P

"Seriously though, this campaign is the most distressing and infuriating thing."

Serious answer - I feel kinda sure I can't add anything here that wasn't already said somehow somewhere on the last pages; and I haven't got the perfect comment that would stop the bloodshed and make everyone go "Oh my! This makes everyone happy! All the talking for nothing, hail Chepseh!" .
Not being a fangirl but still prefering Obama over Romney I consider myself at least qualified enough to continue reading your comic ;) .
The only thing that maybe hasn't been brought up yet ... why does Romney-Ryan enrage you so especially much when we had imho a pretty similar situation p.e. already four years ago with McCain-Palin? Where those two in your eyes milder?
Pika-la-Cynique Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2012  Professional General Artist
Oh, I was just as defininitely Dem and profoundly irritated by Mrs Palin back in '08 too. But this year.... Obama has been SO socially progressive (the health care act, and this is the first time the Dems openly campaign for gay marriage rights after all) and BLACKBLACKKENYANSOCIALISTMUSLIMHUSSEINNIGGER that the backlash is all the more visceral and hateful on the right, the GOP has been taken over by its Tea Party crazy wing, and truly Romney is personally such a detestable rich sociopath with no loyalty but greed and crazy Mormon heteronormative "values" - McCain at least knew the cost of wars firsthand and had damn well served the country he was making a bid to rule. McCain I could believe was pandering to the far-right base while campaigning, but actually had a fairly decent voting record including bi-partisan efforts and some sense of conviction to his politics. All I get from Romney-Ryan is entitlement and callousness and utter indifference to the plight of anyone not in their rich asshole gentlemen's club.
Chika1345 Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2012
I agree with much of what you said. What tickles me to death is the "we don't like fact checkers" bit at the end of Romney's ads. Given the numbers he likes to throw in and out, obviously suggest, yes, he doesn't like fact checkers... given the facts he hands out a lot of the time are not accurate. I'm not entirely happy with either of the two main choices and the third choice is barely even heard above the noise of mudslinging. In this case, I'm going to be voting for the lesser of the evils.

I might write in Sarah. Her politics class seem to be doing lovely.

Nah, Tony Stark for president. He's got charisma, cares about the little man, and works for peace. XD

Humorous comments to deal with the sad fact that... I dislike my current choices.
FuzzySlipper Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Aaand now I've read and skimmed some through seven pages of comments, and I do not look forward to the election at all. Both choices stink. >_<
FuzzySlipper Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
At this point the only reason I would vote for Romney is because I won't be voting for Obama. I hear a lot of states have a third name on the ballot, so I'll have to look into who that is and if they agree with my values. Too bad Ron Paul didn't make it, he would have been a better pick.

And yes, I realize this is a month after you wrote this journal. I get behind in things and finally read this. :-P
RedMeg Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, Ron Paul would've been better... but ANYONE is better than Obama.
blueforestangelcat Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
HELP!!! (Warning: High ranting past this point! & Caution: Some of my oppinions may offend you, I'm just trying to be logical, while dizzy with freak-out anger.)

Is Jill Stein truly an impossible case? I'm having trouble finding information, I'm finding the same statements here and there, and they sound GOOD! Green Party has a nice sound to it, and I REALLY want to believe that there is a way out of "bad and worse" attention has come to rest on a woman running for president, who has a woman as her running mate, who talks about a new plan to REALLY save us from financial despair, who got arrested to make a statement (took a stand, got arrested, no blood), who NO ONE IS REALLY TALKING ABOUT because it is "common knowledge" that third parties can NEVER WIN! (Or so I'm led to believe.) She's fighting, isn't she?! WHY AREN'T WE?! (I noticed a couple of comments here mention her. Briefly; not much for me to go on other than no negative oppinion other than the fact that third party is usually the losing side...can't we change that?!)
...the most sour thing is, though, that she isn't currently on the ballot here in Kansas, and I have no idea how they do that...only that the time will be up to get her on it a week before election day...and as far as I've been able to dig up, it's only the bad and badder (forgive me if I don't care to use proper English here) option here, no alternatives, which is making me so flippin mad right now!
Some of the greatest minds have said throughout history (if memory serves correct), that a nessassary component for success is "new blood", not the same old blood over and over, NEW BLOOD, as in NOT Republican or Democrat...WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO MAKE PEOPLE VOTE FOR THE OTHER GUYS?! HUH?! My mom was saying the one time she and my father voted for third party, and it seemed like he had a good shot at winning, for whatever stupid reason HE DID NOT WIN BECAUSE PEOPLE WERE VOTING FOR THE BIG GUYS!
*catches breath*
I, personally, am a young Christian woman (this is my first opportunity to vote), who believes in Goverment that is not ruled by or for religion, but for the majority's will and the minorities' rights. If people want to marry the same gender, for example, which I do not believe is right in the eyes of God, I say if all they want is to be recognised as two people who get all the benafits of a traditional married couple, it is NOT the goverment's place to say they cannot. Let them have the paper, let it be "legal", their feelings are their own, and they will not change just because it is "illegal" to be together. (I have bi friends. No, I am NOT bi, or a lesbian, thank you.) Our country will likely benifit from this portion of our population having the will to help our country for the better rather than constantly bicker with it!
I will say it, I am against abortion, but from what I'm hearing a lot of cases that are a complicated mess are taking too much time for the goverment to go in and try to "right" all the situations when there are bigger things on the plate. Setting up programs to educate people is one thing, and something I can and do support (paying taxes for that in a good economy? Sounds REALLY nice, no sarcasm. Let there be properly thought out taxes, and I'll gladly pay them), but some laws are too troublesome to uphold (when people will cheat the system anyway, and cause MORE problems) in these turbulent times when everything is falling apart because all we're doing is going at each other's throats because we can't compromise. I know there are some situations where the laws that make abortion illegal do help, as in when a significant figure (typically a man, I've been led to believe) would coerce a woman to go through with it even when she wouldn't have otherwise (it happens. S*** happens everywhere.), but certain other policies can be placed to help prevent that by strengthening women's rights, education, and protection! Right? It may not be a perfect solution, I'm still young an inexperienced in this field of knowledge, but wouldn't it be better to agree on SOMETHING rather than do NOTHING and let problems get WORSE?!
Also, can't we try to bring in someone who is NOT all about big coorperations?! (I am led to believe Jill is very much AGAINST letting them rule *coughruincough* our lives!) Do we REALLY want people worried about big, plush pockets staying full while tiny, patched up pockets stay empty? I NO LIKEY!!! :pissedoff:
If we could organize (perhaps not perfectly, but just enough to make a difference) we could push forward into a BETTER future!
...too bad no one ever listens to crazy little me...I stutter, slurr, and/or forget what I'm saying halfway through, and miss half of what other people say back to me because my brain is meant for things that allow slow processing, not face to face conversations with normal people...if there was someone I knew I could follow, I would stand at their back and take the role of loyal follower, with a big sign, a pumping fist, and a loud wale to add to their voice. (I wonder if that makes me some sort of rebel without a cause...)
I'm just hoping to get a little advice out of this LONG thing that I did my best to read most of...yes, I did try, though I skimmed through certain long parts that had the same words I'd read before and whatnot...took a few hours...but I think it was worth it. :)
...there is one month to make a difference, not probable, perhaps, but possible! Possible was enough for a lot of people who made HISTORY, no?! (And in a good way!) Anyone willing to make the stand?! I want to jump up on my chair and cry out for the world to hear! I don't want to be that lazy bum who doesn't know what! I wanna live my life! Right?! WE CAN BE A BETTER AMERICA!!! (Optimism? Of course, it's helped keep me alive all these years, so why not? ;))
Okay, rant over...I will shut up now. Sorry if I offended anyone with my amature oppinions (or bad gramar and spelling...sorry, my dying netbook doesn't have a spell-checking that's my best excuse).

BTW, Pika, I love your comic and the way you give your characters so much depth. I love Sarah and Christine both for who they are (who you've written them to be), and how while they are both very different they are still awesome people. I could say the same for all the characters, I love them all (er...except maybe that R-rated monster from Pan's Labyrinth...though I'm glad he found a friend somewhere...FAR AWAY...oh, and The Hammer. Hate him. So much. Let him be bogged. Forever. ...yeah, I think that's it. :)). You may have already been aware of my feelings there, but in the midst of this big political conversation headache I imagine the occationally flattery helps raise your spirits, so here you go. :) Love your work. Period. Have a nice day, you deserve it. :hug:
sab1ne Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2012
Female Deviantart fancomic FAN majorly against Romney-Ryan2012.

You could not be more full of win if you tried.
EMGrapes Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I would never vote for Romney or Ryan. Ever. I'm an indie through and through. I would never support someone who thinks I am a second class citizen because of the fact that I was born with a uterus, make less than $250k a year, and can think for myself.

I can't imagine what will happen to this country if Romney is voted in and I don't want to... I think all the people who are "tea party" supporters or members need to take a damned History lesson and come to the realization that what they are trying to vote into office is completely the opposite of what the actual Boston Tea Party stood for. What do I know? I'm just a History major with minors in Anthropology and Political Science...
camouflage-queen94 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Does France have any room for displaced Americans? I have a feeling that Canada may run out of empty space if Romney gets voted in. People are already calling for a mass immigration if that happens.
SarahRose29 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, I don't know if I should even say anything, but...
I greatly enjoy your comic, but know we would never agree on politics.

I greatly approve of birth control, but not abortion. In this modern age, with all the ways to avoid pregnacy, abortions should not even be needed.

I will probably vote for Romney, not because I like everything about him, because I most certainly do not, but because I see the country I was born and raised in, going downhill in a hurry, and Obama is only making it worse.

The history of america, (at least the way it was suppose to be) is of individuals rising up and taking care of themselves. Getting ideas, starting businesses, working hard, taking care of their familes, and their neighbors.

About how, its not who you were born as, but how you act that determines your destiny. Before America this did not exsist. If you born on top, there you stayed, just as the poor had very little hope of change. It is peoples attitudes and actions, that hold them back in America today. Not lack of opputunity, or cooperate oppresion.

I am one example of this, I grew up poor in a condemed house, due to the stubborness and poor decsions of my father. Jesus helped me to choose better. Am I rich, no, not by a long shot, but I can pay the bills, and live in a much nicer place than that in which I was raised.

I don't expect you to agree with me, or to change your mind on anything. Do you want me to quit following your work, because of how I believe? Am I less of a fellow human? I don't think less of you for how you believe.
FaeHime Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I candidly have been avoiding political discussions like the plague, mostly because for the first time ever, I have been made uncomfortable by the hatred and violently negative feelings being tossed about during this political race.

I agree with birth control as well- there is no way I can not, seeing as many of my friends are on them for severe medical reasons. Personally, I can't even take birth control, as my own medical issues make me far too reactive to the hormonal treatment involved. But it bothers me that the Republican Party, among others, doesn't even think women should have a "right" to that medication, especially when so many need it for reasons OTHER than prevention of pregnancy.

As someone who has been raped (and has dealt with the emotional consequences successfully, so please no pity; also, I was lucky enough not to get pregnant) I can understand the need for access to facilities for abortion, and whether I agree with the act or not is a moot point. Just because something goes against MY beliefs does not give me the right to deny someone else access to what they may/or may not need.

I, like you, grew up poor- I've lived in two women's shelters, had to live in my car in high school, had my life threatened twice and had to become the breadwinner of my household right after starting college- and I'm STILL not out of poverty.

I watch as my mom's health declines, and community healthcare will do nothing for her, because we are merely a dollar sign without value. I have no healthcare at all, and last year this resulted in me nearly failing my graduate classes that I commute 3 hours each way to get too. I was expelled and had to fight to get back in, and now watch my health so carefully that it affects my ability to support my mother.

I made all the right choices, never did anything stupid or risky, and have busted my ass to try and escape poverty, but the truth is exactly as Pika says- I am judged on a daily basis as a failure and deserving of my social status simply because I haven't managed to catch a break.

Because that is what our country has boiled down to- hard work will get you so close to getting your head above water, but unless you have something to help pull you into the boat, the next wave will knock you right back under. And nothing that the Romney has said leads me to believe that the millions like me will have more opportunities to escape drowning if they obtain office.

I may not be happy with Obama, but I'm terrified of Romney. Terrified for my mother, who gets worse each day, and for myself, who is trying to become a teacher in a society that is pulling funding from education everytime we turn around. Not surprising really- if we can't properly educate the future citizens of America, then they can't make educated choices and fight against an ever more oppressive government.

I respec your opinions and can see where you are coming from... but I can not agree with them anymore than you can agree with mine :( I can only hope for our future, and believe that as human beings we can learn to look beyond all of the insanity and find happiness.
Pika-la-Cynique Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2012  Professional General Artist
The point is always that no one is asking to you to think that abortions are AWESOME and everyone should have one! It's admitting to the fact that accidents and abuse happen, and that throughout all history there have been women with the desperate need NOT to be pregnant for whatever reason, and that they have of all times taken steps to fix the situation; what is the most humane and decent solution for a civilized country is making sure the medical procedure happens safely and we do not lose bright young women to wielders of dirty coat hangers or watch them throw themselves down stairs or punch themselves desperately in the stomach. The point is choice. The point is you may disagree with the morality of abortion, and by all means seek to remedy the situation "upstream" with better sex ed and education, but accept the cold hard horrible fact that it happens, always has and always will, and at least make it as safe as possible. There are dickish husbands who will sabotage their wife's birth control. There is date rape. There are split condoms. There are girls homeschooled being taught misinformation that the pill will give them cancer. There are teenagers confiding into one another in the girls' toilet that if you do it standing up you totally can't get pregnant. Abortions shouldn't be needed; in a perfect world there would be no sexual abuse or dangerous ignorance or unfortunate accidents. Our world falls very flat of perfection. I believe the moral stance you choose to take on the matter is harmful when confronted with all the shades of grey that can happen in real life.

I can't convince you to think otherwise of Obama's policies, obviously, without linking a half dozen sources you'd probably choose to ignore as liberal spin. But I am just as fervently convinced he's on the right tack.

The American Dream that hard work and good morals are all it takes to succeed in your country is a narrative that is increasingly untrue. Class mobility is at its lowest in decades in the US. No one is saying to give up entirely on even trying and live as moochers on government handouts, but there is so much harm in judging poverty to be a punishment for lack of effort, when so many people are trying so hard and not making it. The very notion of "working poor" should be anathema to the Republican party, yet they will not hear any argument in favour of raising minimal wage, deny gender pay equality, and, on top of that, add extra mouths to feed when already-struggling young women would wish to not become mothers, and people already hold down 2, 3 jobs to pay their bills.

Please do me the personal favour, in the name of enjoying my comics, of reading this one piece, at least. [link] I am not trying to brainwash you or minimize any of your own struggles. But I cannot help but think you are buying into an all-too-pat, reality-denying and harmful narrative.

What you choose to do with your convictions and where they clash with mine is really up to you.
TheSilverSerpent1 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012
I honestly can't see anyone voting for Romney in this election; his policies have already alienated what at last count was 155.6 million women (Or more than 50%) and of course anyone who is homosexual, and that's not counting the other men who just won't agree with his policies. I'm a little more worried about who is going to come out of the democratic party after Obama.Of course I live in Australia so I don't have all the details but I'm relatively sure he can't win.
Photosynthesis-Cat Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
*sigh* there never seems to be a well-rounded candidate, but at least from my end, I agree with you. heavens.

Although I follow both your GND comic and your other works, I would like to take the time and space to say that I do so not only for your incredible talent, but especially for your autonomous intellect, social commentary, and strength in depicting women just getting on with their lives. Not catering to heavily watered-down patriarchal romance for the entire story. (Although I am certain there is a place and time. perhaps an age group also, but some of us never grow old, so meh.) *shrug*

I hope there are more writers out there like you in the future. Illustrators too. And heck, plumbers, secretaries, everyone. blah.
SaphireShadows Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay, I've been reading the debates in this journal for...two hours now? And I agree with a lot of people on a lot of different things.

But that only makes it harder for me to decide WHO I want to vote for. Don't get me wrong, I've done my own research on both candidates, but that hasn't helped me out either. I know people say to "go with the one who most closely resembles what you stand for," but so far, I disagree with most of the things that BOTH candidates want to get done.

And I know there are more than two choices, but I am going to be cynical and say that none of the other non-Democratic or Republican candidates have a ghost of a chance at winning. There are just too many people who vote based on who makes the best candidate-bashing commercial.

And I don't want to NOT vote, but it all feels so...hopeless. It's like you're looking at a bomb, and you're faced with the choice of cutting the wire that will keep it from going off for the longest amount of time. And all the while you're looking in vain for that other choice that stops the bomb from going off all together, wondering how the hell you got into this mess in the first place...
Pika-la-Cynique Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2012  Professional General Artist
To quote someone witty on the internet: if you consider that whoever you vote for, either way you're fucked, then I'd pick the guy who lets you take Plan B in the morning.
Weretiger-Tei Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012
This sums up what causes me and one of my friends to rant so very much at our computers and television screens. Many people do realize how horrible his views are though and you're only looking at the ones on females. His views on foreign policy could lead us into another cold war with both China and Russia considering he kind of wants to disarm Russia and match China's army soldier for soldier. He also has some very interesting views on the situation with North and South Korea. Not even to mention that he's hardly touched on his own views about how the education system should be encouraged and improved except to say that the power should go to the Governors.
He also want to rewrite our Constitution. Well not exactly rewrite it. He wants to remove amendments and interpret the Constitution differently then how it was previously so that it can better suit him.
There's also his military plan. He wants to throw more money into the military as well and basically undo most of the spending cuts that Obama made and take all of that new healthcare money and throw it into the military instead.
And just to add this, he gets a $77,000 tax break on his horse. That's 77 times the amount the average American family gets for a child. I don't mean to outright bash the guy (ok, maybe I do a little) but he spends more on the housing for that horse then I spend on my college education yearly. This guy throws thousands of dollars into housing for a single horse and people want him to have say over where our federal funding goes? Really?
Sorry to add fuel to the fire but there's more messed up about Romney then just his stance on women and Pika, this journal has earned you tons of points with me at least.
rednocturne Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012
I wanted to show you this [link], because I thought you'd appreciate it. I'm not American, I have noticed your opinions on Obama as less than saintly so I'm not interpreting you that way, but I thought it may make you laugh after wading through a hate fest, even though it's certainly an intellectually stimulating one that I'm enjoying. Then again, I've been casually humming 'F You' by Lily Allen the whole time, because I am one smooth bastard? Possibly one wearing a smoking jacket.

I'm actually from Australia, and noticed a post earlier about the sexism that the PM is facing. I couldn't find it again, because I am incompetent, but to address that, I'd like to point out that while Gillard has faced formidable challenges, as someone who doesn't not support her opponents, it seems to mostly be dirt groups who are just seizing what they can. Gillard faces sexism and, oddly, complaints about her clothes ('her hairstyle doesn't support the economy!'), while her principle opponent, Abbott, faces criticism for (and this is why I brought it up on a discussion about American politics)... budgie smugglers.

Go ahead. Look that up. I insist. It's just as ridiculous as the newspapers criticising her hair, but it's less noted on an international level, because it's not a hot topic.

If you did google it, allow me to say that I am so sorry on behalf of myself and your search engine. But I bring it up because while I believe in fighting sexism and, as someone with feminist views, despise both straw feminism and misogyny, I also think that sensationalism sells papers and the relentless dirt-flinging that's occuring in America right now is matched equally with its political pandering. Romney, someone I equally abhor and am terrified of, seems to be aiming for a certain demographic and as such, is balanced at the opposite end of the spectrum as Obama, which could just make him a purely political extremist, rather than a personal one. That's his fault. I wouldn't ever elect him for it. On the other hand, even if he were elected, the democratic process has deep, deep roots in the right to protest (see the foundations of Japanese Imperial Democracy- so much for a conformist nation), and so as a deeply secretive optimist, would like to believe that not only Americans, but others (like yourself) would rise to mitigate the damage. As you've pointed out, crowd-sharing gets the right answer a higher percentage of the time, as so I'd like to think that a crowd would eventually surface.

tl;dr: we wuv you. That's right. Wuv.
rednocturne Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012
Wait! I said 'doesn't not' aa I meant 'doesn't'! Curse my infatuation with double-negatives!
tzigany Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2012  Student General Artist
I applaud you.
magpie-poet Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2012
We're terrified here too and we are trying to fight back. And get people to pay attention. I have coworkers who have no FLIPPIN clue what is going on around them. How, I have no idea.

(And perhaps find alternate homes depending- suggestions? Know anyone hiring your neck of the woods?)

And thank you for "You agree with people who don't believe I am a fully autonomous rational human being worthy of respect and equal rights." Because I work in a bookstore and that's a more elegant and much cleaner version of what my brain screams everytime someone comes in looking for help finding a conservative book. (We won't go into the it's normally RIGHT in front of them aspect...)
Aja-Mujinga-Sherrard Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012
Bless you.
ForestGem Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
"...and to heartily invite them to feel unwelcome on my page and comic."

Oh, Pika, you were doing so well before that. :(

Your argument is passionate (obviously) and well-constructed, but telling a portion of your fandom to basically "get the hell off your land" (to quote the wonderful movie "Fanboys") just because you disagree with them seems excessive. Telling them that you're disappointed is one thing, but that... that wasn't really necessary.

So much for my Wednesday morning dose of cheerful...
Pika-la-Cynique Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2012  Professional General Artist
I can't feel apologetic for having a sincere belief in a cause, reading about stuff that I am powerless as a non US-voter to have any affect on and feeling a blood-boiling frustration about, and then using this one little soapbox and audience and attempting to throw whatever fanartist clout I have behind my position-taking, and actually DO something. Can you not credit that?
I'm not actually throwing banhammers around and how you choose to take my figurative fist-shaking and taking away of the virtual Welcome mat is really up to you.
I get that I'm acting way harsh by fandom standards, that are usually best left untainted by RL unpleasantness; but considering the real-world stakes behind this stuff and the hate-speech spewed by politicians... really, what an online fanartist and a few of her watchers think of one another is just so many pixels.
ForestGem Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I would never ask you to feel apologetic about having a sincere belief or arguing passionately for it. As an opinionated person myself, I know exactly how you feel.

I suppose I was dismayed to find that politics had invaded a spot that I had considered "safe". As someone who lives in the U.S., I have to listen to statements far more virulent and angry than anything I've seen here all the time (all while trying to figure out what's straight-up lies, what's close to the truth, and what's being exaggerated and taken out of context - on both sides!).

It just made me sad to see more of that political anger where I least expected it, especially once it was no longer directed at the politicians, but at fans of the comic (since I'm assuming that a great chunk of the people who would come to your page and read your journal are fans of the comic and of your art).

So, anyways, the point of the wall of text is that there's no judgement of or anger about your stance over on my end of the internet, just profound dismay at being confronted with politics (and the frustration that accompanies them) at yet another turn.
watervampire Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012
I could not agree with you more. As a mere 17 year old girl, I can't vote yet and therefore have no say in this next election. All I can do is voice my opinion and that's it.

Romney is a disaster waiting to happen and to be honest I do not have much faith in Obama either. However, I've taken more liking to Obama with all this crap with Romney. If this man gets elected then I will weep for future generations in the U.S.

The only thing that would prevent me from moving to another country is the fact that my boyfriend is going to become a Marine officer once he graduates from college. I love him very much and so I can't find it in my heart to leave without him.

I swear though. If that evil man tries to take away my rights as a woman....
EugeneEyeo Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013
Tell me, sister, what rights are these? And where are these rights defined? And are these rights recognised by your elected officials as rights? I'm not saying you're wrong, but I will be pleasantly shocked if you can answer me with facts, not opinions.
LittleRaven13 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012
Geez...sometimes I think that I should pay attention to politics. Then I actually try to pay attention and find that I hate everything about it. I think I'll just stay in my oblivious bubble until someone can give me an unbiased explanation of each side's views.
Pika-la-Cynique Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2012  Professional General Artist
Go LOOK for the unbiased information. Please. Dang, I know it's a drag and there's so much BS to shift through, but the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. (and the Ministry of Magic spreads lies!)
LittleRaven13 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2012
Alright, Alright. I suppose it's time to start looking at politics. Thanks for the motivation :)
PS The HP reference is totally the reason why I'm now sifting through copious amounts of articles online.
PPS Would you mind suggesting a couple articles?
PPPS I love your comic!
Pika-la-Cynique Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012  Professional General Artist
Try some links by these guys - [link] - they are quite multi-sourced - I'm certainly not claiming they're not biased, though towards what is another matter. ;)
Fact Check dot org
And you could watch Colbert or the Daily Show - funny skits, good recap of current events, general skewering of hypocrisy&ridic claims on either side, and polite yet pointed talks with their guests of all political stripes.
And if you can stomach reading through the explosion of comments on this Journal, a lot of issues were brought up and argued with linkage.
GothJedi Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012
Sorry Pika, but I couldn't agree with you any less. I'm a little disappointed with your stance on the whole elections, but your opinion is that, your opinion, and thus I have no right to repeatedly bash you for merely something you believe in, nor do I have the right to insult your views . However, some of the arguments you have presented, namely the accusations you have thrown to Romney, leave me rather unnerved. Like you, I tend to get rather passionate when it comes to politics, and rather than make my entire post about why I cannot comprehend why you would dislike Governor Romney as much as you do, I would rather prefer to ask you some questions, if you don't mind (I'm not trying to be condescending, I really am just curious). Again, this is just merely for my understanding, and I mean no violent lash out at you.

First and for most, if you are appalled by the Romney-Ryan ticket, does this mean you are in favor of the notion of reelecting President Obama? If not, than disregard the rest of my post, but if so, may I ask why?

Since you are not American, I truly am curious as to what President Obama possesses that makes him more preferable over Governor Romney. Is it his charisma? His utterly fantastic public speaking abilities (despite the fact he stumbles more often in his unscripted speeches than Former President Bush ever did. I digress, however)? Is it his wonderful economic policies that have crippled the American economy and the national debt near to a point of never recovering? Or perhaps you favor his Health Care reform, which will only further cripple the economy and only raise taxes to inconceivable levels (which you may actually, seeing as Europe has the very same healthcare. Another topic, of course...)? Maybe it’s his wartime policies you like? After all, he is essentially doing exactly what Former President Bush did (invading a country for no specific reason *cough* Libya *cough*, keeping troops in the middle east despite claiming to pull them out in the next four years, ect. ), only everyone hated President Bush! Or maybe it’s his international standings; I mean, after all, he's snubbed our closest allies in Great Britain, all but deserted Israel in what could be their greatest hour of need, completely ignored Iran as a global threat, and has been doing nothing but kissing the posteriors of our rival nations (China, Russia, Cuba, anyone?) while doing nary a thing about strengthening our defenses. We sure aren't a threat to anyone, which was his plan after all. But hey, I certainly feel safe under his leadership! And he did nab bin Laden (at a rather convenient time, but again, off topic), so he couldn't be all bad, right? And the fact that al Queda prefers him as our President only furthers his appeal, right? They wouldn't like him for the 'Paper Tiger' image he's conveying to the world, so that must be it! Again, though, I'm getting off topic.

Well, I somehow managed to come off as a complete and utter (pardon the language) douche, and, again, you may not be an Obama supporter at all, but if so, I'm curious as to what the current American President has done to garner your favor. If it is merely for "women's rights," than I honestly can't comprehend it. While you definitely believe differently on Romney's stance on women rights and such, I honestly don't know where you gather that he is an anti-feminist. He's against abortion. So? Like FliegenLicht has stated, it's not that he's against repressing women's rights; he's in favor of pro-life, for allowing EVERYONE a chance at life. Yeah sure, "it's my body, my choice," but doesn't the fetus inside a woman have a choice? Should it be punished for the choices that its mother has made? I'm not referring to rape, which, obviously, is without the mother's consent, but should we terminate a life form because a woman was careless and forgot to take birth control during intercourse? Again, I'm not saying this because I'm a so-called "Catholic, Bible bruiser," and what not; I'm saying this as a person who believes in equal rights. I have the choice of having sex with my partner because those are my rights; however, I do not have the right to kill another individual merely because I was careless, do not want said individual, or what not. And that's what Romney believes in, not this "putting woman back in the kitchen" mentality that everyone seems to believe he and Ryan uphold.

I definitely have gone way too far with my statements and viewpoints when I really should be focusing on more pressing matters, but, as I have stated before, politics always brings out my ugly and passionate side. Again, it’s your opinion, and they may very well be shaped due to your foreign heritage, but I was merely curious about (a) your opinion on President Obama, and (b) what has made you dislike Governor Romney so much. I apologize if any of this seems insulting to you (it actually seems that way to me haha), and I won't boycott your works that I have shamefully been stalking for the later part of the year just because of differing political viewpoints, but I just couldn't refuse the temptation to reply to your journal post.
FliegenLicht Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice post, GothJedi! Ooh, and I'm in it! :O_o: :D
I know what you mean about having other stuff to do, but it's just so hard to resist, isn't it? Like that old joke, "But I can't go to bed now! Someone on the internet is WRONG!" :roll: :XD:
GothJedi Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2012
Tell me about it haha. Whenever politics are brought up, my game face comes on and I enter attack mode. My post was alot longer too, and I was forced to cut out alot of stuff from it. Guess I'm just fed up with hearing all the criticism on Romney while Obama is painted as a saint by the media :shrug: Romney isn't the perfect candidate, but he's a heck of alot better than Obama, atleast in my opinion haha. But yeah, when I saw your posts, I was silently cheering you on, because you're one of the only people I've met here that actually shares my beliefs, as sad as that may seem haha.
FliegenLicht Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha, many thanks for the silent cheering. :D I know - despite all the evidence that Obama just has NOT done a very good job (yo? economy?), the media keeps painting him as this sort of "Savior of Mankind." :roll: And then sometimes we get accused of racism for not supporting him! "You just hate him 'cause he's black!" Um, wha-?? :O_o: I was very happy with the whole, "Hey, look, we've elected a black man!" because that was kind of cool. But I've never agreed with his policies - and now his grand ideas for America just haven't been working out. But people still want to cling to their "savior." :( And they call Christians crazy. :crazy: ;)

Haha, yeah, it obviously bugs me too. :D And I didn't vote for Romney originally (Santorum FTW!), but he's not bad... and certainly a lot better than Obama, in my opinion! ;)

Ha, and I agree with you :phew: emoticon. Do you realize that out of 800+ comments or so, I only found about 20 people that disagreed with Pika? :O_o: Yikes.
GothJedi Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012
Dude, tell me about it. I just had a two hour long discussion with Obama supporters, and it scares me to death to see how many people support him despite all he has done D: All they can say is "Romney hates women, hates the middle class, wants to take away our healthcare, ect." I asked why they supported Obama and they all replied because he's a socialist. A socialist!!!! I have never been so scared for our nation's future then now haha. Honestly, if you love socialism so much, move to Greece or Russia. Then you'll see the glories and wonders that the system produces ;) It eventually led to personal insults to me, but that's beside the point haha. Atleast it's good to know someone else is out there :)
Mali-chan Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, so much arrogance / ignorance and hypocrisy (I checked back in honor of Maya Out Of Disc Error). Several people wrote you long well thought out responses to your venom comment and you chose to only answer (even engage in a lengthy back patting) with the one agreeing with you. :meow:

Also if those Obama supporters *really* said he is a socialist and you didn't correct them then Americans are stupider than I thought. As there is no left mainstream political party in the US. You basically choose between moderate right & socially liberal (Democrat) and far right & socially conservative (Republican). This is by the way why Democratic politicians tend to be better liked internationally: more moderate and progressive.

And also Russia wasn't socialist / communist since the 80s, early 90s at best. Your grasp on international politics is woefully outdated.
LouisaGallie Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Or perhaps you favor his Health Care reform, which will only further cripple the economy and only raise taxes to inconceivable levels (which you may actually, seeing as Europe has the very same healthcare. Another topic, of course...)?

I am genuinely curious how you can have this opinion against national healthcare (I am assuming from your statements here - if I have misinterpreted you, please say so) with this view:

Like FliegenLicht has stated, it's not that he's against repressing women's rights; he's in favor of pro-life, for allowing EVERYONE a chance at life.

So everyone deserves a chance at life, unless it's post-natal care or pediatric care or basically any kind of medical help at any point in their life POST-womb when they may not have the means to pay for it themselves. In that case, screw 'em in favour of lower taxes? Do I have that right?

And yes, I am coming from heathen Scotland where we ALSO have national healthcare (in fact, we don't even pay for prescriptions when we pick them up at the pharmacist) so yes, I am biased. Because when I had to have completely unexpected emergency surgery to remove a 9cm ovarian cyst that was on the brink of rupturing, it sure was nice not to get a bill for hundreds of thousands of pounds at the end of my hospital stay.
Pika-la-Cynique Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2012  Professional General Artist
Thanks for a read so full of... smirking venom, it made me physically ill. Also, so much biased BS I don't know if there is any hope of a rational "debate" here.

That you can straight-facedly blame Obama for having to weather a globlal economic recession mostly triggered by deregulated international banking firms both on Wall Street and in Europe deliberately speculating against national interests, and the US national debt that Bush single-handledly more than doubled [link] (Newsflash: wars cost more than welfare)...? For having a stimulus plan that a Nobel prize economist figures might just pull the economy through by 2014 but considers infinitely preferable to the other guy's EXTREMELY VAGUE plans? And the Republicans have deliberately preferred to act in a way that makes Obama look bad and inefficient rather than make the slightest bi-partisan effort to save the damn economy? [link] And that in spite of that the figures are not the horryfying downwards spiral you seem to be seeing. [link]
Oh, and iirc, France was the first meddling Western country to send jets into Libya (Sarkozy had some ghosts of his own there, he coddled Khaddafi early in his mandate), and then a coalition of willing Western democracies, like in Afghanistan, where most Western democracies still believe in trying to leave the place in a semi-decent state of fuctionality rather than just moving in to grab the oilfields and claim "mission accomplished" and ignore the political fallout. Wait, are you seriously contrasting Romney to Obama on foreign policy? For realsies? Pretty sure more people in GB are miffed at Romney after his gaffes during the Olympics (You caught those, yeah? Attempting to sympathize with Londoners over the "unpopular" games? That whole "if England wasn't an island it would have been Hitler'd"?) than at anything Obama ever said or did (he gave the Queen an Ipod!). Oh, and yeah, he didn't make any friends in Israel either, with his hard-working money-grubbing Jew stereotypes. And I hope you've been paying attention to his recent headline-grabbing, partisan cheap shot at the President in the light of the attacks on the US embassy in Benghazi and the utter cluelessness at the complexity of the situation in the fragile new Arab democracies he just manifested. Seriously, do you honestly believe in that "ass-kissing" line? Seriously? Have you so little a grasp of international politics? Do you realize the USA cannot afford to economically alienate China? Yet managed to diplomatically smooth over the US according political asylum to a high-profile dissident? Ignored Iran? Funny, I remember several incidents of the Iranian nuclear facilities having their software wiped by US-manufactured malware, and I'm pretty sure the Mossad is getting intel and back-up in its targeted assassinations of Iranian scientists. Do you honestly believe that in the current tense situation between Iran and Israel a sabre-rattling 'Murrica is going to be any help whatsoever?

If you are honestly looking for answers as to why I sympathize with Obama rather than just trolling for a reaction and liberal knee-jerk rage to amuse you, please feel free to read through the comment threads on here. And yes, I do believe in the Affordable Care Act. Both in principal, because I do not believe in applying market rules to basic functions of modern society, and because the long-term economic reasoning is sound (you ARE paying for poor uninsured people's medical treatments when they cannot, the hospital's costs in these bankrupt patient situations are partly what drives up insurance premiums for everyone AND drain government ressources), and for the personal reasons mentioned in my intro: I personally went through a sudden, sheer dumb bad luck domestic accident that happened to my freelance/unemployed boyfriend, and if we hadn't a social security system here the hospital bills would have ruined us for years and it was horrid and stressful an experience enough without having to try and cut expenses and pick the cheaper options at the potential expense of less better treatment.

There's for the attempt to show you how I perceive these things, and my seriously questioning the partiality of where you are getting your side of the story (an argument I'm sure you could bounce right back at me, but maybe you'll consider that I am getting some of these stories from both "insider" US blogs and international coverage).

And as for "the war on women" you seem to put in airquotes and the topic I was originally posting about. Yes, let me confirm my personal stance on the matter. If I ever, God forbid, have a mishap with my birth control - and let me just on the TMI front tell you that generally I kinda trust to the pill, and if I've not missed a day, tend NOT too think, upon initiating sexytimes with my boyfriend, that perhaps this time the Lord might bless my womb and validate our heterosexual coitus by bringing a new soul into the world - if I ever see two lines on that pregnancy test, what I do know is that from that instant on I could look into Paul Ryan's glacial blue eyes and he, looking back, would not see a human being of sane mind and equal rights (Abortion still IS a constitutional right, thank the Supreme Court unless/until Romney gets to make nominations, so all these state regulations and clauses that make it harder to get are real dodgy) - from the instant I am impregnated, for him I have no agency and serve primarily and at all costs as a baby-maker. You know, as a sane, voting, functional, tax-paying citizen and human being with a decent opinion of her own intelligence, THAT OFFENDS ME.
And if you must know I would personally have no qualms at taking steps to remedy the situation, because I owe a lentil-sized embryo and a "potential" nothing whatsoever. Stop talking that "what about the fetus' choice?" rubbish. It is not a sentient creature. There is no other human being involved in the process of scraping out my uterine lining.
(I'm not making claims to utter cold-heartedness and I'd certainly start thinking "baby person" were it to get to the kicking phase. No, I can't quantify and draw a line where personhood starts, but I do believe that the mother's perceptions, so long as the pregancy process is going on in her body, are, however subjective, the only "truth" that matters; that take on where I draw the line is my PERSONAL OPINION on the matter and I don't go around trying to legislate people into seeing my way. And I do hope you are amenable to the logic behind the simple fact that making abortion illegal is not going to stop something that has happened in all times and societies - gee you'd think single mothers face social stigma and moralizing douches and financial duress, wouldn't you? - but will rather cause deaths and misery due to back-alley abortions and desperate women choosing desperate measures.)

And "giving everyone a chance at life" falls SO flat when you look at the rest of the Republican campaign slashing federal aid for so many structures poor families depend on. Cutting funds to Planned Parenthood, you did get the memo that it's not JUST abortions but also life-saving cancer screenings and medical advice? When maternity leave in the US is a bad joke? When Romney thinks "the dignity of work" is what struggling single mothers of a child older than 2 really needs? When his own wife had the leisure and funds to be a "good" stay-at-home mother with the boys (oh, and had a health-related abortion herself?).

Please read down for the nasty details on how he feels about rape, also. Oh, and his voting against several Equal Pay acts. He is anti-feminist.

I hope this was worth you indulging in the temptation to reply. And again if you ARE truly curious as to my own (and an actual Democrat voter) opinion of Obama "in spite" of what you see as problematic, do feel free to read the 900+ comments here from people who also feel strongly one way or another, and follow up on links posted. If you're just looking to get a rise out of me, there, I've complied.
1nkl1ng Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2012
As much as I love your other arguments, I don't agree with you about abortion (I do, however, firmly believe that women have every right to other means of contraception, sex education, maternity leave, and government support...and I would never vote for Romney if I lived in America).
I admire your skill with words, and the way you told us what you thought despite the fact that people would judge you. I respect you enough to post this- my attempt at the same. I hope we can still get along and continue to share our opinions.
Pika-la-Cynique Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2012  Professional General Artist
The point is always that no one is asking to you to think that abortions are AWESOME and everyone should have one! It's admitting to the fact that accidents and abuse happen, and that throughout all history there have been women with the desperate need NOT to be pregnant for whatever reason, and that they have of all times taken steps to fix the situation; what is the most humane and decent solution for a civilized country is making sure the medical procedure happens safely and we do not lose bright young women to wielders of dirty coat hangers or watch them throw themselves down stairs or punch themselves desperately in the stomach. The point is choice. The point is you may disagree with the morality of abortion, and by all means seek to remedy the situation "upstream" with better sex ed and education, but accept the cold hard horrible fact that it happens, always has and always will, and at least make it as safe as possible.
Dragonanzar Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2012
I just wanted to say thank you for putting up this post. I'm not American; I'm English. I have family in America, but we don't really stay in contact. This is the first inkling I've had of this issue and I have to say what I've read so far has shocked me.

Being from England, you might say that this doesn't concern me, though Pika, you're not from America either, are you? Nevertheless, America is a very large country with a very large population and I think it's important to have at least some knowledge of the big issues going on in other countries. Reading this debate, well, argument, has been very interesting, particularly those points where there has been an outside link.

All I can say is that from where I'm living, Obama seems to have been doing a decent job, or at least trying to do it and getting prevented by various bureaucratic obstacles. Certainly, the proactive approach he took when it came to the economic crisis where he was actively feeding money into society seemed to work better than the British way of just cutting everything. It seemed to have similarities to the way Gustav Stresemann acted when he brought stability into the German economy after the first world war.

Thanks again for bringing these issues to the attention of those who aren't necessarily getting informed of them.
KanoWakitashi Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012
Sorry to kinda but in, but if you read some of the other comments for this journal entry you may get a sense as to why a lot of women in America should be afraid if Romney-Ryan are elected. If you don't want to be influenced in any way by my opinion, look up the different analysis on Ryan's plans to the budget yourself and see what exactly he wants to cut from the budget. In fa ct, just look up everyone involved and make an unbiased decision yourself who would be the most beneficial for the large-scale. If you don't care what else I have to say, you can skip the rest of my post.

Romney has frequently demonstrated hypocrisy (against Obamacare that is almost a mirror of his own plan in Massachusetts; he is totally against abortion and wants to get rid of Planned Parenthood that provides a full range of health services such as breast cancer screening, pelvic exams, pap tests, colon cancer screenings, tests for testicular cancer, and much more [even when his wife had an abortion from PP with his full support]; and he wants to lower the taxes on the rich to raise taxes on the middle class for 'The Trickle Effect' that hasn't worked in years).

Also, for Pika (she actually says this in a response in the comments somewhere) it is a women's right issue for her and NOT in direct support for Obama--just to be for women by not allowing such a person as Romney or almost cartoonish Ryan to be elected.

I am not going to get into Bush, that is a whole other can of worms that I don't need the headache. But, if you are curious about my opinion here it is. If you can skip to the next paragraph if you aren't interested in this and you just want me to get to my last point.

1) His No Child Left Behind Act was a total flop, it turned education into a race and just made schools dumb down education to make sure students scored better, therefore to get more funding for the school.
2) His tax cuts were bullshit and just saved money for the rich and left the middle class to pay more.
3) There is evidence that prior to 9/11 National Security did have imminent knowledge of an attack by Al Queda but he didn't do anything and just took a vacation.
4) He started the Iraq war without the consent of Congress that has the Constitutional right to officially declare war.
5) Him and his VP frequently lied about the reasons why we were in war. What Keith Oldermann on youtube for the video 'To Mr. Bush Shut the Hell Up!'

Also, you're 'cute' little reference to Libya? That was in defense of the Libyan people who were being massacred by Gaddafi. He even said not helping those people "would have been a betrayal of what we are" and failure to have helped Gaddafi unleash his military power on his own people. Google 'Obama's Involvement In Libya' and click on the article 'Obama: Not acting in Libya 'would have been a betrayal of who we are''.

Why did Bush have to attack Iraq when it was Al Queda--You know what, forget it. Just look it up yourself, you are seriously underinformed.

Anyway, being 'Pro-Birth' is ok, I doubt anyone has any problems with that. But Romney wants to get rid of PP, that not only helped him and his wife but it also provides LIFESAVING services and tests that help both men and women. He is not 'pro-life', nor is anyone else that despises the very thought of abortion being helpful.

Also, "Like FliegenLicht has stated, it's not that he's against repressing women's rights; he's in favor of pro-life, for allowing EVERYONE a chance at life. Yeah sure, "it's my body, my choice," but doesn't the fetus inside a woman have a choice? Should it be punished for the choices that its mother has made? I'm not referring to rape, which, obviously, is without the mother's consent, but should we terminate a life form because a woman was careless and forgot to take birth control during intercourse?"

Is this how you really think that women getting abortions do this? I understand your stance on carelessness, but where do you get off deciding women making poor judgement or have a broken conception deserve to have their whole lives changed just because they had sex? What about rape victims [yes, there are conservative republicans that want to stop victims from getting abortions from rape or incest]? What about women that really wanted their child, but had to give it up to save their lives? Not all pregnancies occur from carelessness or accidents. It is insulting you can say with a straight face that you believe in equal rights but also say killing zygotes is murder and women should not have access to safe procedures that affect their own bodies.

I totally understand as well, my little passionate side came out (I hardly think of it as ugly as much as rightfully angry). In anyway, I doubt she needs to say much. Just read the other comments.
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