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taytaykudo Featured By Owner 9 hours ago  Student Artist
-was watching… and  me and a friend thought that it would be amusing if the godmother of this version of Cinderella and Jareth have a glitter showdown of some sort- XD   just imagine, everyone covered in glitter and still no result on who's victor
AnushkaC Featured By Owner 13 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i LOVE this comic, it is really amazing, <33
Anie92 Featured By Owner 18 hours ago  Hobbyist
Hi! I love this! It took me 3 days to read all of it but it worth it ^^. Also can't wait for the next page.

Keep up good work :D
Red-Hag Featured By Owner 3 days ago
I soooo love and love again this story of yours!  great job you two (you and LouisaGallie)...and Thanks for sharing your art  with us! ^^
EbonyDove35 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2015
Truly an amazing work of art, I`m so glad that this comic exists. On another note, I do hope that at some point we will get a scene with Jareth meeting Sarah`s parents? Eagerly awaiting your next update :)
SilverWolfQueen Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2015  Student General Artist
How do you get your comics to look so nice?  Are they done digitally or with pencil and scanned in?  I'm trying to start my own comic, but I'm trying to decide the best medium to use and I'd love to have any advice you can give!
Pika-la-Cynique Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2015  Professional General Artist
Some tips here: GND-style comic tutorial by Pika-la-Cynique
Veyshan Featured By Owner May 22, 2015  New Deviant

Ho ! You work is really gorgeous. A friend made me discover Labyrinth and then your comic and I love it (I'm an ardent fan of Jareth <3 ).
So, I'm sorry for my very bad english, but I make many efforts in english to read your story. I really would like to know what is going to take place then ;)

ThePluviophile Featured By Owner May 20, 2015  New Deviant
As someone who has very recently discovered and even more very recently finished reading GND, how often are updates?  I NEEEEEEED MOOOOOOORE!  Your comic and art are amazing!
HappinessIsMusic Featured By Owner May 18, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi there!! I started to read your comic strip. It's so funny and really engaging.
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