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May 8, 2013
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GND222 - Austen Allusions by Pika-la-Cynique GND222 - Austen Allusions by Pika-la-Cynique
In which once again the flow of time between the Underground and the Building/regular comics continuity is shown to be screwy, because none of us have seen the behaviour described here, and Keira Knightley is In Rather A Lot Of Costumed Films, Really. And our usually enthusiastic JS-shipping Christine was in fact rather sobered by things learnt in 'Brink'...

Still can't promise you the next page on any kind of regular schedule, m'afraid.

(Beeteedubs, my favourite version of P&P adaptations is the OLD BBC version - not the Colin Firthiness, but one with David Rintoul - you never forget your first Darcy... [link] )


This is a work of fanart and solely intended for shits and giggles. Not mine, not making money from it.

Christine Daaé, Raoul de Chagny [Phantom of the Opera] (c) Leroux and Webber
Lizzie [Pirates of the Caribbean] (c) Disney, Bruckheimer, Verbinski
Sarah, Jareth [Labyrinth] (c) Lucas, Froud, Henson; Connelly&Bowie
[Jane Austen characters and places mentioned by name here also not mine obvs]

Based on the original Roommates comic by *AsheRhyder
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"I gotta re-read that bit."  Super cute Christine!  ^_^
Igenlode Feb 11, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Having seen the BBC adaptation of "Death Comes to Pemberley" over Christmas (and just read the P.D.James book), I got completely the wrong set of associations here :D

Christine busy fangirling over romantic novels in much the same way that she got worked up over Shakespeare ;)
Gotta hope he manages half as well as Darcy!

And I love Colin, but the OLD BBC version has (I think) the best, most dead-on Lizzie of all time! I need to go watch that again now! :)
Irrissa-cicero Aug 16, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
He's gonna screw it up isn't he. 
Just recently got  back into this comic, and I'm so glad I did!
Pulling a Pemberley...stashing that away now.
Yeah, my first Darcy was Colin Firth. Or, at least, he was the Darcy I first paid attention to. Hmm...ironically, I couldn't get through the book itself, but I've enjoyed that BBC version and the modern vlog adaptation, as well as "Pride and Prejudice" book spin-offs.
...I don't know why I shared all that. Anyway, loved this one!
"He's pulling a Pemberley" 

That is so friggin awesome I can't even.

I have ceased my ability to can. ohmigod.
Kyndsie Jul 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I was so sure that I had posted on this in my re-read... hmmm... I'll blame the directionally challenged goblins for stealing the post, even as they try to munch through my socks.

Too bad I can't remember what I was going to say.

Something about the "empty" panel to allow us to think, and to show Christine taking a moment to think, without having to actually show her thinking. It's well-considered, and makes the whole thing work even better.  And YES! It's very good to see Lizzie in GND... always. Not just because she's a great foil for both Sarah and Christine, but also because that means that Keira doesn't have to be in ANY KIND of period clothing. :D

Don't mind me... I just let a plot-bunny loose in the comments of one of the other coloured eps. :D  A plot-bunny that I don't intend to claim anytime soon... but it is very tempting.

Other GND-type spin update: I've finished a first draft of a something, and am seeing if a friend can beta read it for me. I'll let you know how it goes, when I'll post it, etc.
ElaineRose Jul 18, 2013  Student Writer
I have so many positive feelings about this code.
12th panel Liz (the expression and hair) really reminds me of Jareth for some reason.
inkybee Jun 21, 2013  Professional Writer
omg I love that version tooooooo~ That is the Only Version as far as I'm concerned.
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