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November 21, 2012
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GND207 - Ananas to see you back. by Pika-la-Cynique GND207 - Ananas to see you back. by Pika-la-Cynique
(Because "ananas" is 'pineapple' in... pretty much every language but English. You know the meme. [link] )
And the bad pun was irresistible.

Why pineapples? Well. Remember this one? [link] (and yessss I forgot Ludo's horns on that page gah). Also, ~Lixxle . When in doubt blame Lixxle.

OK, and for the still- perplexed among you, the point to the piney-apples growing crazy is the following: Previous incidents tend to imply that it happens when Jareth is VERY happy about something. Dot dot dot.

And of course Luna knows that about pineapples. She dated a future Herbology Professor after all...
(Yesss I know that Neville/Luna was movie-verse only but I can totally accept that they dated for a while at some point before heading off their seperate ways. Not everyone marries their schooldays sweetheart darnit. Ahem.)

Sorry for last week - disruptions in traffic between here and the Underground.

A big thankyou to *LouisaGallie for the colour job! Seriously, currently I am somewhat headdesking about how two professional projects are suddenly greenlit and deadline-y, just as I embark on Le Epique Underground GND plot arc. I have the worst timing.


This is a work of fanart and solely intended for shits and giggles and vicarious fansquee. Not mine, not making money from it.

Sarah, Jareth, Sir Didymus&Ambrosius, Hoggle and glittery sets [Labyrinth] (c) Lucas, Froud, Henson; Connelly&Bowie
Luna Lovegood [Harry Potter] (c) JKRowling and WB

Based on the original Roommates comic by *AsheRhyder
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ash-night714 Jan 28, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Re-reading the series right now <3 So, whenever Jareth's really happy, pineapples happen. I wonder what would happen if Jareth and Sarah did their magical, horizontal (or whichever way, Escher room, anyone?) tango or Sarah started popping out Goblin kingdom heirs? Would the kingdom be taken over by pineapples? ;3
Pika-la-Cynique Feb 8, 2014  Professional General Artist
Hoggle lives in dread of that day.
He's also keeping the Goblin Ale and brainbleach handy.
Igenlode Dec 15, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
After all her complaints and snarking in the previous pages, in that first panel Sarah actually looks uncomplicatedly happy to be back  :)

How did Sir Didymus know where and when to meet them? Clearly some serious prior organisation at both ends for this expedition...

Luna knows Sir Didymus -- from her previous 'research' in Sarah's room?

What's "that nonsense" of which Sarah is glad to be rid this time round -- the thirteen-hour time limit?

("Thy noble duty", I think, as it's followed by a consonant -- as versus "thine own self", say.)

And so funny to see Luna Lovegood as the voice of herbological exactitude versus wild flights of fancy where the animal kingdom (and all other matters of accepted fact) are concerned!
Pika-la-Cynique Dec 15, 2013  Professional General Artist
Nostalgia packs a punch. :)

I had to go back and check myself - Luna and Didymus have shared pages before, in regular continuity (her spring-grooming of Ludo while Didymus critiqued Sarah's fencing with Liz, frex).

Ack, that one is a bubble placement fail - the line is actually Hoggle's. Not being dragged along on Sarah's adventure this time.
Their expressions in the 2nd-to-last panel are perfect!
I especially like Luna's shiny eyes >.<
TamaterGirl Oct 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
(Yes I know this observation is alil late in the game but I was re-reading GND, just cause, and something caught my attention. Dont judge me @-@)

Would the over abundance of Piney-apples be due the 'happy king' back in GND69? I know in cannon its a long shot but I figured Id ask.

Loving Hoggle btw!! I just wanna kiss his grumpy little cheek'ums ^-^
Pika-la-Cynique Oct 4, 2013  Professional General Artist
Not judging, tickled pink you can enjoy a re-read and find new things.

Link was made back to #69 to remind people that piney-apples are indeed a side-effect of 'happy king'. but Hoggle here has been kept busy with a brand new outburst of sprouting that is meant to (faintly ominously) imply Jareth is very glad Sarah is back in the Labyrinth, or something recent like that.
TamaterGirl Oct 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesomesauce! I figured as much... I love the 'every action has an equal and(at times) opposite reaction' throughout the comic. You don't see that much nowadays. The Ah HA moments are really great ^-^ I love your new works too! You're very talented. Keep it up ma'am!!  
Pika-la-Cynique Oct 10, 2013  Professional General Artist
:D Ta!
I loved the callback to the sushi date--"not that you haven't looked lovely, but I much prefer your hair down..." I can just see Jareth, birdlike, stealing away Sarah's clips and ties and ribbons. Maybe he has a nest of them. I also adore Hoggle, and you got him down perfectly; I read all his lines in this page in his voice.
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